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Fully Guided Trips in Sri lanka 


Q: Where do we rest at night?
A: We stay in hotels, Star class hotels or selected guesthouses. You have many options for accommodation for a trip, but some locations have limited resources. Your accommodation is reserved according to your budget. In some cases, In Negombo & Kalpitiya, we own guest houses as well.


Q: What are included and excluded on the trip?
AAll airport transfers, Hotels 3 * * *,Meals : ( Breakfast and Lunch),Tickets, All Entry Tickets for sites, parks, boats, ferries, Bike rental Honda XR 250 “Baja”, Gasoline for whole tour, Tour Mechanic, 4x4 Jeep Or A/C Van, Luggage transport and assistance, Guide who speaks English OR your language (on request)


Q:How can I reserve a tour?
A: We are set up to accept wire transfers. We do not accept cheques, vouchers, money orders or bank drafts.


Q: How can I pay my balance?
A: Please pay the balance at the start of the tour.


Q: The security deposit, what's that all about?

A: Our bikes are in great condition. If you damage our bike on the trip, we have to fix it. Your security deposit holds a certain amount of money for damages. We are very fair about damage of the bikes but remember we are in Sri Lanka, not your home country, spares are more expensive here. All spares are imported and subject to higher taxes.


Q: : I'm a vegetarian, is this problem?
A: No, we can accommodate this. If you have specific dietary requirements, we need to know in advance.


Q: My health is really poor; can I still go with you?
A: Depends. Email us more about it and we’ll let you know. We make these decisions based on the activities of your trip.


Q: What happens if I decide to leave the trip early?

A: This is a personal decision you make and any unused portion of your trip is lost. Return transport to the nearest place with onward transport and accommodation is at your own expense and we will help you get there. If you are on a motorcycle tour, the bike will be transported for you and the fees for this will come from the security deposit placed on the vehicle.

Q: Do I need to sign a contract or anything like that?

A: Yes, we have a waiver and you should read and understand before you sign. It is available for inspection on our site. Also please review out terms and conditions.

Q:Can I change the itinerary while on the trip?
A: On scheduled tours, no! If your tour is a custom trip for your group only, yes! If you do decide to change the itinerary, this is your choice and it will most likely incur additional costs which you will be required to cover on the spot.


Q:I don't like groups; can I hire a guide only?
A: Yes, we operate trips for 1 – 15 pax max. Our web site has full of suggested tours and we enjoy creating custom trips for you and your companions.


Q: Can I ride as a pillion or in a support vehicle?

A: Yes.On our motorcycle tours you have the choice of either being a pillion or travelling by our support vehicle.


Motorcycle Rentals


Q: What do you supply with the motorcycle rentals?
A: Bungee cords to tighten the bag to the bike rack, Best route suggestions / conditions of the roads on which you intend ride. Availability to call us 24hrs for anything you might need, suggestions and tips, is possible while you are cruising around.


Q : How can we find you or reach you?

A: You may browse us on Google maps or please send us your flight arrival information. We would arrange a shuttle service between the airport and our office / Guest house or your local accommodation. The charge will be 20$US. The airport is only 15 Km away. You may wish to spend 1 or 2 nights at our guesthouse, resting after your long journey, before setting off on your tour. Our guesthouse is a short walk from our office. Once you are ready to set off we take care of the paperwork and give you a comprehensive briefing about your route and all other information you may need. We have road maps for sale at $4 each. We will discuss your itinerary personally and guide you on the best routes for biking.


Q: Where are you located?

A : Contact (main web site) (motorcycle tours) (Our Guest House) (Beach cabanas @ Kalpitiya) (Our Indian Restaurant) (chauffeur guided tours)


Q : Any Branches?

A : Yes. Now have open our new branch @ Kalpitiya Beach area. We will deliver your bike / vehicle on request.
Q:Do I have to leave my passport with you?
A: : No. We will take a photocopy. You need to carry your passport with you.

Q. Do I have to leave my passport with you?

A. No. We take a photocopy. You need to keep your passport with you

Q:Do I have to leave a deposit?
A: Of course. The bike has a high value and we take a refundable security cash deposit of USD $200. This is returned to you at the end of your rental period or tour. Deposit is subjected to deduction on any damage assessments. Your own maximum risk is 500$US. But we keep 200$US in cash for each bike. If the assessment rates are above 500$US, you are not charged the excessive amount. That amount will be claimed from the insurance company. In case of an accident, if you are traveling alone, you must call us a soon as possible.

Q : How much should I allocate for daily expenses?

A. ATM's are available at the arrival in the airport and in all towns in Sri Lanka .It is easy to withdraw local currency every day. We advise you to carry some pin money approx Rs.5000 – Rs.1000 equal to 40$US–80$US.

Q:What should I bring or not bring?
A: Set of riding gears is mentioned above. If you have your own gear, its ideal,. Nothing fits you other than your own stuff. Night clothes: t-shirt, light pants or shorts, shoes for night (sandals/ Teva),Mosquito repellent (citronella oil is available with us) ,Camera, batteries (low quality available in the way ,Personal items, Plastic Ziploc bags to keep phones, a large plastic bag to keep your cloths dry. A hat to were when you are off the bike, Rain gear. Downpours happen and don't usually last long but can happen anytime in the Tropics.
Q:Alcohol and drugs.
A:A. Please be aware we have a zero tolerance for drugs and a medium/high tolerance for alcohol use when we are on a motorbike tour. Riding motorcycles safely and not endangering the group is very important to us. We are all adults and able to make our own choices but we would ask you to refrain from extreme/excessive drinking and refrain from drug use for the duration of the tour. Riders who ride under the influence of drugs or alcohol, will be refused to participate, sent back to Negombo by bus at their own expense and no refund as the bike will have to be shipped and incur expenses we are not anticipating. Riding in Sri Lanka requires continual alertness and anything which impairs your judgment can endanger you and your fellow riders.

Q:What happens if I damage the bike?
A:If the bikes are damaged on tour as a result of your negligence we expect you to pay for repairs up to the value of 500$US. For major damage in excess of this we will claim on insurance. We would get a repair estimate for replacement of parts and fitting. Our prices are in LKR/US$. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions.

Q:Where can I pick up or drop off the bike?
A:Our tours start and end at our office in Negombo. Alternatively, by arrangement, we can collect or deliver our bikes to you anywhere in Sri Lanka. We charge a minimum fee for recover our expenses.
Q:Where can I buy petrol for the bike?
A:There are plenty of petrol stations in Sri Lanka. There is generally a petrol station every 5 – 10km except in extreme rural areas. There are 2 types of fuel in Sri Lanka. 93 octane & 95. We always use 90 octane.
Q:Do I need the driver's permit?
A: Our insurance is based on you having a legal driving license from your home country. Your international license needs to be validated by the AA of Ceylon in Sri Lanka. For further info’s please contact me on e-mail:
Q:Where do I stay on the trip?
A:There are many places to stay at various level of services around the country.
Q: Which kind of bikes do you have?
A:We use a variety of bikes. Our most popular bikes are Honda Baja 250cc and Honda XR 250cc. We also have Honda XR 230cc and Honda SL 230cc. For more info's please click here Bike models
Q:How much luggage can I bring on a motorcycle?
A: It's best to keep it light. Our rule of thumb on this is 1 set of day riding clothes and 1 set of evening clothes. Depending on the length of your trip, you may wish to bring various types night clothing due to climatic changes. And if you are going up into the mountains, it might be a little cooler. In general, the bag you take with you should be no more than 7kg/15 lbs and overall length around 45 cm. The best bag is soft sided. Hard luggage cases are difficult to secure. If you have any excess luggage, you can store it in our office until you return. If your rental ends different location in Sri Lanka, we can send you bags for you to our drop off/pick up locations. There is a fee for this.
Q:How many bags can I bring on a motorcycle?
A: 1 large bag is tied on the extended (on some bikes) rear rack with elastic bungee cords. Your small backpack can be worn but a large bag on the rear might touch it when you are seated and it would be uncomfortable.
Q:What currency can I use in Sri Lanka?
A:Sri Lanka currency is the Rupee. It trades around 130-137 to the US dollar. It's best to have some Rupees on your ride. Rupees & US dollars are accepted in most places but the more remote you get, it's best to have an amount of Rupees with you. Money can be exchanged in Negombo town & most entry points, and many places around the country. Travelers cheques are problematic in Sri Lanka. Banks will do cash advances on credit cards but expect to pay 3% or more for this service. ATM locations are popping up all around the country and are quite handy although the withdrawal fee charged by your overseas bank can be expensive.
Q: Is it safe to ride? I've heard Sri Lanka is not safe to ride motorcycles!
A:Yes. Sri Lanka is 100% safe for tourists. No bandits on the way. No terrorists at all. You are allowed to ride in Jaffna. Sri Lankan police and army are friendly towards tourists and would always give you priority. If you carry a proper endorsed license, you will not have any problems from the traffic police. In any event speaking in English or any other foreign language means they will swiftly send you on your way.
Q:What's the weather like?
A: Sri Lanka has only dry and a wet season. The dry season is typically from mid March to mid April. The rainy season is from October to November. However, as a tropical country, it can rain at any time and you should expect rain at some point in your trip. Sri Lanka is a hot country from around March to October in the low elevations. In the mountains you can expect cooler temperatures and occasional morning fog. A good source of information is found at weather in Sri Lanka .This site also has historical data for the previous few years. But the weather in Sri Lanka is unpredictable.

Q: Can I pay by credit card or cash?

A : Either. If you pay by credit card a charge of 3% is added. For cash we accept US$, Euros, U.KPounds and Sri Lankan Rupees. Please note that we only accept cash (any currency to the value of US$200) for our security deposit on the bikes.

Q:What about theft of the bike?
A:  Bike theft in Sri Lanka is quite rare for the types of bikes we rent as they are quite big bikes. Most bike theft involves smaller bikes and mopeds. This is not to say it could not happen and you must ensure the bike is parked safely. When at a hotel or guesthouse you need to inquire where to park the bike. Some locations have night watchmen and some have indoor parking while some may have a locked parking area. When leaving the bike to enjoy a local attraction, there is usually a paid parking area with an attendant.
Q: What about if my bike breaks down?
A: Our bikes are in excellent condition and are serviced regularly. In some cases a bike may stop for a variety of reasons. If any breakdown occurs, You would better call us unless just taking the bike to a local mechanic for repair. We have been able to help clients with very minor repairs over the phone and if your bike needs more complicated repairs we would speak with the local mechanic where you are to solve the problem. Mechanics in remote areas are not always familiar with our types of bikes but are able to carry out minor repairs and routine servicing.
Q:What about if my bike stops and I can't get it fixed?
A: Our shop sends out a replacement bike. You have to be near a main town on the transport network. If the breakdown is due to rider negligence our damages policy comes into effect. With normal care and attention your bike will not give you any problems.
Q:Do I have to look after the bike at all?
A:Of course. Some common-sense maintenance is essential. It is important to check oil levels every 2-3 days (we will instruct you on this) and a fuller inspection of brakes, tires, chain and cables every 4 days is advisable. It only takes a few minutes to look over the bike. You are responsible for the security of your bike. All hotels/guesthouses will allow you to park overnight in a secure location. Sri Lanka is a safe country this way and it is unlikely someone will take your bike but you have to be aware of where you park all the time.
Q:Can you book hotels as well as tours on my trip?
A: Our Company is a fully certified international travel agent. We can book hotel rooms all over the region as well as tours.
Q:Can I explore the former battle areas of the North and East?
A:Yes you can but you should not ride your motorcycle off the road due to danger of land mines and unexploded ordinance. Always obey the instructions of Army personnel in these areas.
Q:What is the fuel range on a bike?
A:We estimate 22 kilometers per liter. On a Baja, the tank holds 13 liters and for the smaller XR model, 9 liters. The bike’s reserve fuel is about 2 liter and this is included in the total fuel capacity.

Q: What kind of bike/model of bike should I select?
A: Honda XR250 “Baja” is the most reliable all-terrain bike for Sri Lankan roads. This bike is recommended for single riders. For couples we recommend Honda NX650 “Dominator” Or If you like to ride Chopper-style comfort bikes we recommend Honda LA custom 250. If you are female or a short single rider we recommend Honda SL230 Or Honda XR230. Also if you like low fuel consumption we recommend Honda “Dio” Or Yamaha FZ150. (Both models are good for couples as well.)



  • Personalized service at affordable rates.
  • Choose from a fleet of more than 20 vehicles.
  • Over 12 years experience as a vehicle rental company in Sri Lanka.
  • Self-drive & chauffeur-driven options available ( All our drivers speak English )
  • For further details please contact me by e mail on


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